Ari Taublieb, CFP®, MBA

Building Multi-Generational Wealth: How Much to Give and When?

In today’s blog, we’re diving deep into the nuances of building multi-generational wealth. Inspired by a conversation with some lovely clients in their 40s, this blog addresses the common question: “How much should we give to our children now, and how much should we save for later?” The Dilemma of Giving The clients, who are […]

Three Common Retirement Rules That Don’t Fit Early Retirement Plans

Planning for retirement is a daunting task, and with so many rules and guidelines out there, it can be overwhelming to know what advice to follow. This blog dives into three commonly accepted retirement rules of thumb that don’t necessarily apply if you’re considering an early retirement. Here’s a detailed look into why these rules […]

Tax-Gain Harvesting (How To Pay 0% In Taxes – Early Retirement)

Tax-Gain Harvesting

Who loves paying taxes? Nobody – that’s why I love talking about tax-gain harvesting. Tax-gain harvesting is a popular investment strategy used by many investors to reduce or eliminate taxes on their capital gains. The idea behind tax-gain harvesting is to sell an investment that has appreciated in value and realize a capital gain, which […]