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Ari Taublieb, MBA is the Vice President of Root Financial Partners and a Fiduciary Financial Planner specializing in helping clients navigate the nuances of an early retirement (non-traditional retirement).

Have you ever sacrificed your health in pursuit of financial freedom? Our guest, Alex, a 41-year-old software engineer, shares his inspiring journey towards financial independence since 2017 and how prioritizing his well-being became an essential part of it. Listen in as we uncover Alex's struggles with work addiction, health challenges, and the valuable lessons he's learned about the importance of balance and mindfulness in achieving both financial and personal fulfillment.

In the first part of our conversation, we explore how a back injury and a type 2 diabetes diagnosis led Alex to reevaluate his priorities and focus on creating a life that values both financial security and health. As we discuss his career trajectory and the impact of overworking, Alex sheds light on the dangers of neglecting personal well-being and its long-term consequences on relationships and overall happiness. If you've ever felt consumed by your career, this episode will serve as a much-needed wake-up call to reassess your priorities and make meaningful changes.

Lastly, we dive into the guardrails approach to retirement planning and how it compares to the traditional 4% rule. Alex and I discuss the benefits of this flexible strategy that allows for optimized money management and adaptable withdrawals. As you listen to Alex's story, you'll feel inspired to start planning for the life you genuinely desire, prioritizing both your financial and personal well-being. Join us in this thought-provoking conversation and start thinking differently about your own journey to financial independence.

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