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Ari Taublieb, MBA is the Vice President of Root Financial Partners and a Fiduciary Financial Planner specializing in helping clients navigate the nuances of an early retirement (non-traditional retirement).

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Have you ever stopped to question your vision of an early retirement? What if it's not just about the financial planning, tax strategies, and investments? Buckle up as we journey into the essence of what truly matters in life and how to make the most of your hard-earned rewards. We're taking a step back to evaluate our dreams, our expectations, and the reality of retirement.

This episode takes you on an enlightening journey, exploring the concept of a 'dream retirement' and challenging the reasons behind why we work when it's not for financial gain. In the second half, we'll dive into my unique retirement planning framework, crafted to aid clients in leveraging their finances to enhance their life experiences. We'll discuss 'vacacum planning' – a strategy focused on maximizing income through savvy investment and tax recommendations. But remember, retirement isn't all about finance, it's about fulfillment. So, we'll also uncover some rewarding job options that might not pay but promise an enriched experience. Tune in for a fulfilling conversation on early retirement.

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